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  • Brew Tea Bar

    Brew Tea Bar

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  • Christine A.

    Christine A.

    Whenever a place asked me if I wanted whipped cream on top of my frozen drinks I would always decline... Because of this place I am now addicted to their cheese latte tiramisu drink, to the point where I am eagerly determined to master duplicating the creamy deliciousness atop their royal Ceylon tiramisu latte at home or I'll have to get a second job to afford my addiction!

    Super fast service and I love their drink choices. Soft chewy boba and fresh tea. I also like that they have crystal boba. Will have to come back and try other toppings as well.
  • Janelle I.

    Janelle I.

    Brew tea is one of my favorite boba places! You can never go wrong coming here!

    All locations have awesome service and get your drinks out quickly. I also love how I see them at weddings and events!

    One of the drinks we always order is the Thai tea slush. Their Thai tea is the best! We recently tried the caramel milky slush and it tastes just like the caramel frap at star bucks without the coffee. The lychee slush with lychee jelly is super refreshing for those hot summer days.

    Definitely recommend giving them a try
  • RJ G.

    RJ G.

    My goto milk tea spot.

    Taro slush, that is all.

    Honestly, I've tried so many milk tea places here in Vegas and most have just that one or two unique drinks that once in awhile I'll crave for, but Brew Tea is overall has the better all around selection for me.

    Thai Tea MT with condensed milk gives it the creaminess that you usually would get. It definitely adds a lot more sweetness, but I feel the default is too watery (not sure on the right word). Also, the Thai Slush is probably better if you don't want it to be too sweet.

    Hokkaido MT is probably my favorite here out of all the places. Tried maybe 3 other places, but Brew Tea feels more closely resembling the Japanese milk candies that I get from Daiso. I think they're called Milkita.
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