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  • Brew Tea Bar

    Brew Tea Bar

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  • Maggie D.

    Maggie D.

    I asked Janie to make a drink with an interesting combo of green oreo milk tea with cheesefoam and she absolutely slayed. Customer service was top tier and the drink was amazing!! I miss a drink back in OC and it honestly tastes really close and she was so nice about it too :)
  • Andrea S.

    Andrea S.

    I had the Phoenix oolong milk tea with mini boba 75% sweet and it was so good! One of the best bobas I've had and I've had many. It tastes like Orobae's rising Phoenix oolong milk tea if you've had it in Irvine. I would highly recommend making a stop off the strip to get this boba drink.
  • Christine H.

    Christine H.

    My friends and I were craving some boba and we found this spot on our way back to the hotel. They have a really large menu and I really enjoyed the options they had.

    I was immediately drawn to the taro slush because taro is my favorite boba drink. I ordered it with boba and an optional scoop of fresh taro. There aren't many places that can a taro smoothie/slush right, but this place is one of them! The consistency was super creamy and their boba was the perfect amount of chewy. I also think the fresh taro was a nice addition to it and gave it more flavor/something to chew on. It also wasn't too heavy on an artificial taro flavor. My friends also really liked their drink so I highly highly highly recommend this spot if you're looking for some good boba.
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