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  • Brew Tea Bar

    Brew Tea Bar

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  • Jay M.

    Jay M.

    this location seems to be the busiest of all brew teas. nevertheless the drinks are always so good. i'd recommend getting at least 75% sweetness, if not 50%.
  • Aurora W.

    Aurora W.

    Solid place for boba in Vegas! Love it when I need to get a fixing and definitely will get it again if I'm in the area.  I got the pistachio milk tea and it was delicious! Had the perfect hint of pistachio flavor. The boba was also cooked well.  Prices are comparable to other boba places.
  • Cho C.

    Cho C.

    This tea bar lives up to being as well known as it has.  Perfectly flavored teas and slush for all the drinks we ordered.

    Honey boba is perfect.  When I say perfect, it's the type of warm, QQ, (just the right texture) for Boba and has that tapioca type of flavor with each bite.  This is exactly how boba should be served fresh.  

    The other thing to note is how flavorful each drink that we ordered was.  Portion of the boba/jelly was plentiful.  Each sip of the drink was met with the added topping.  They did not skimp on the extras.
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