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  • Brew Tea Bar

    Brew Tea Bar

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  • Sonia P.

    Sonia P.

    Place was recommended by a YouTuber. We tried the brown sugar and taro with boba. The taro at first i couldn't get a flavor out of it so I let it get a little cold which tasted better. The boba is really good and I dont get boba on my drinks. I will definitely try another flavor next time since the ones we got are not really a  favorite in my book.
    They have plenty of parking but no sitting area. They are very quick with the orders tho. By the time we left the line was out the door. We will be going back to try different flavors.
  • Julie L.

    Julie L.

    OMG. this place is SOOOO good. So deserving of their thousands of stars and reviews.

    I'm SUPER picky about my boba and milk tea and this place checks off allll of the boxes - strong tea flavor, chewy boba, perfect sweetness.

    Bf and I ordered Okinawa milk tea and brew milk tea at 75% and 50% sweetness levels. I think Okinawa milk tea at 50% sweetness would've been perfect for me. The tea flavor was strongggg. I hate milky drinks!!

    I'm so happy I chose to come here for my boba fix!! I'd love to return when I'm in town next. Maybe in the next few months! :')
  • Anna Z.

    Anna Z.

    The number one drink I tend to get is a milk tea, if the milk tea is good here then id trust this place with their other flavors-- I will be coming back- customer service is amazing here.

    Brown sugar milk tea with pudding was really good here.
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