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  • Brew Tea Bar

    Brew Tea Bar

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  • Rein L.

    Rein L.

    I went to this place so many times and they are so nice! The milk tea there is great too if i had to give a suggestion i would do a mango slush with boba half sugar or a jasmine or a thai tea!
  • Shayla W.

    Shayla W.

    The best in the boba game! I love boba meaning I could have it everyday. After seeing friends only getting their boba fix from this shop, we wanted to try it when we were in town. The menu has many different options like slushees, assorted milk tea, smoothies, coffee drinks, and etc. They also have different toppings as well. Maybe Vegas is a little spoiled compared to back home but I love all these options.

    We decided to try their kiwi black tea, coco berry slush, and their hokioki milk tea. Of course with boba! Each drink is customizable to your liking such as sweetness, ice, etc. Honestly you can't go wrong with their drinks. It's all based on your personal preference. Milk tea lovers try their hokioki tea. It reminds me of white rabbit but in a drink form. The slush was great too! It was like a lava flow without the heaviness. The boba consistency is perfectly sweetened and chewy. Ugh I need more of this in my life.

    Overall there's so many options to choose from. I wished we went more times when we were in Vegas. Prices are so reasonable compared to other places in the area. We'll be back!
  • Vanessa T.

    Vanessa T.

    My cousin recommended this place to me and wow I was not disappointed, it was great. The staff members are extremely welcoming and nice! They are also highly efficient in getting these orders out! Definitely will go back!
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