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  • Brew Tea Bar

    Brew Tea Bar

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  • Kevin L.

    Kevin L.

    Tried the standard brew milk tea with boba. Easily hands down the BEST boba in Las Vegas. The milk tea has a good balance of tea and creamer. The boba is comes FAT and HOT. That's how you know it's quality.

    The matcha slush is one of their popular drinks but it's weak sauce compared to the matcha frappe from Matcha Maiko. This place ain't a matcha place so I won't ding the review.

    Fast as a mofo.

    It has a nice aroma of fresh brewed tea when you walk in and the MINUTE they opened there was already a crowd of people and I can understand why. Boba of this quality is hard to come by in Las Vegas.

    As someone who was born in the boba mecca of 626 I give this place a 10000 thumbs up. No cap.
  • Anthony V.

    Anthony V.

    Let me start this by saying, I don't think I had ever tried boba prior to coming here, but even if I had, Brew Tea Bar is so great that it has completely erased any memory of past boba experiences elsewhere.

    Brew Tea Bar is solely responsible for making my day better on many occasions. I'm very happy my wife recommended we go there before heading into Albertsons across the parking lot to do some grocery shopping.

    I'm very open to trying new things and going new places, so I was very curious since I had noticed it is always busy af whenever I would drive by. Now I understand why!

    My wife and I make it a point to come here at least five to six times a week since being mindblown the first visit.

    The Thai Slush with Tiramisu cream, boba, and 25% sweetness might honestly be one of the best things I have ever tasted.

    I'm actually waiting for my wife to bring me one at work right now.

    If for some reason you're on the fence about trying Brew Tea Bar, you need to put the doubts aside and visit right NOW.

    This might be one of the few times I fully agree with the 2,000+ perfect 5 star rating. They deserve it all and I'm happy to add to the gushing because they have brought me much joy this last month.

    Actually had my wife buy my boss one too so he can try it out. I guarantee he'll be a regular after that first sip.
  • Netanya B.

    Netanya B.

    Amazing boba place. I love the variety of toppings and drinks available. Orders are fast and always delicious. Staff is always friendly. They also do a rewards program--kinda like a stamp card. Must try for boba
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