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  • Brew Tea Bar

    Brew Tea Bar

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  • Tram N.

    Tram N.

    I can see why this place is so popular. The drinks are good and service is super friendly. Even though they're busy (we came on a Sunday afternoon - around 4:30pm), the drinks come out fairly quickly. I do like how strong the tea flavor is when I ordered the strawberry green tea. 50% sweet is definitely sweet enough (for me).
    I would definitely come back when I'm in town again. The store is on the smaller side so it makes sense if the line is outside the door.
  • Nina B.

    Nina B.

    Um, wow! What a pleasant surprise this boba shop was  The Smokey oolong tea was delicious! Loved the tea flavor, it was so light and refreshing. I got 50% sweetness and it was perfect. The cream cheese foam was very fluffy and creamy! It tasted more like whipped cream than cheese cream but I still liked how to tasted with the tea! The boba was also sweet and cooked to the right texture! I'm craving them!!
  • Mauriel D.

    Mauriel D.

    I like this place a lot for the teas . The service is pretty fast but I will say there is most likely always going to be a line , would be nice if this place had a lounge or seating area to enjoy the drink and hang out with your friends but the place is so small that is prob the only thing I would recommend is hopefully they get a bigger space since they are always busy , when your in here feels like your rushed to order and leave because there is no seating area
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