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  • Brew Tea Bar

    Brew Tea Bar

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  • Rose C.

    Rose C.

    Brew Tea has one of the best hot milk teas.
    I often get it during the winter time and the chewiness of the boba and perfect sweetness of the milk tea makes it all worth it every single time

    They also do not mind making sure the tea is extra hot so I am always thankful they honor my request every time I visit.

    I highly recommend trying the hot milk tea with boba because it does not disappoint!

    On summer hot days, I enjoy their oolong tea iced with 75% sweetness and it's such a solid drink especially if you do not want anything too sweet or with cream.
  • Patricia L.

    Patricia L.

    In a town where there's plenty of chain boba tea shops, this place actually stands up to and exceeds many of those places.

    For me, the best thing is the boba texture. It's perfect. I prefer when the boba is super super soft, but not mushy. I only order boba toppings when the boba is up to my standard.

    We had a pretty large order of maybe 8 drinks. Our nieces and nephews ordered more slushy/smoothie type drinks. I ordered the okinawa milk tea. My husband ordered the hokkaido milk tea. Every single drink was delicious. Both of our milk teas were the perfect consistency of creaminess with a slight bitterness from the tea balanced out by the sweetness of the syrups.

    It's not too far from our relatives, so you know we're coming back!
  • Trewen W.

    Trewen W.

    Came back after a year and tried a different drink this time. Got the pheonix oolong milk tea and it was good. I like oolong and this hit the spot. I ordered 70 sweet, and for me it was spot on. Paired well with the soft boba. Came out fast didn't even wait a minute. Always appreciate their service! Going to be back again soon
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