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  • Brew Tea Bar

    Brew Tea Bar

    2089 reviews
  • Netanya B.

    Netanya B.

    Amazing boba place. I love the variety of toppings and drinks available. Orders are fast and always delicious. Staff is always friendly. They also do a rewards program--kinda like a stamp card. Must try for boba
  • Glenn A.

    Glenn A.

    Since trying Brew Tea Bar for the first time, I have been hooked. It has become my go to spot for boba whenever I am in Las Vegas. With a 5-star rating and over 2000 reviews, you know this place is good.

    I have tried a few of their drinks which all were good, but my favorite is the Taro slush with boba which comes with a scoop of real Taro on top. Since you can adjust the sweetness and ice levels, I usually get it at 50% sweetness.

    There is always a line when you visit but tends to move quickly since they have two people at a time taking orders and multiple people making drinks.
  • Julie M C.

    Julie M C.

    The best boba place in Las Vegas they never disappoint and they're very prompt!
    All the boba teas and slick we tried were always top notch
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