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  • Brew Tea Bar

    Brew Tea Bar

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  • Diana W.

    Diana W.

    Delicious! As good as 626 LA boba shops!! On point, just like a friend raved about. Prepare for an outdoor line that does move. No dine in. Just wait on line, order, grab and leave.

    Boba was fresh, soft and just sweet enough. I'm not a fan of the over sweet boba balls that try to make up for lack of quality. Tea was great. Typical Taiwanese iced tea shop quality = strong, very caffeinated. My niece and nephew loved their oreo milk tea with boba and sea salt cream and original brown sugar milk tea. Our honey green tea with boba was worth it. Prices are competitive, normal for the area...around $5 a drink.

    Located within Albertsons market plaza. Plaza across from a Goodwill store (allows outside drinks) and dollar store. Shoutout to old college friend from socal, now Vegas local who recommended this place.
  • Deanna N.

    Deanna N.

    If you weren't told of this place you'd never expect to go inside. I tried this place once and craved it everyday and went for 2 weeks straight. I wasn't a fan of boba drinks, but this place changed my mind. They have the best boba I've ever had. The staff is super friendly. It's small, but very modern. It's a place to order drinks and just leave. There's no spot to sit down, but it works. I brought my cousins for their first time Julien was so kind and helped them through what to order. He provides 5 star service and blew my mind out of the waters for the best customer service I've ever had. Give that guy a raise.
  • Jayna M.

    Jayna M.

    I had some time to waste before heading to the airport, so I thought hey why not pick up some boba. It was very clean inside and yes there is a line it moves faster then I can run. I order a large Thai tea boba because that's why I always order and it was great. Next time I come back, I'll try one of the favorites on the menu. This place is definitely cheaper than milk tea places back home.
    I loved that they do have alternative milks and more options than just milk tea. great service, great boba and inexpensive, what more could you ask for in milk tea spot. 10/10
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