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  • Brew Tea Bar

    Brew Tea Bar

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  • Alisa B.

    Alisa B.

    Always a must-visit when I'm in Vegas! The tea here is just so good, the cult following they have is deserved. My favorites are the Wintermelon Milk Tea and the Hong Kong Milk Tea! However, I hear you can't go wrong with anything you order!

    Though they usually have the long line, the baristas here are SO QUICK. They clearly work hard, but still act very friendly toward customers. Can't wait to come back and try more of their menu!!
  • Neiw A.

    Neiw A.

    I lived in a good number of major cities in America and visited many more. This spot has the best boba tea in America better than any place in California or NYC. The texture of the boba is the perfect balance of chewiness and softness.  When I used to live in Vegas, I came here at least twice a week. I usually get the "The Brew Milk Tea" or if I'm feeling a little indulgent I get the Royal Ceylon Tiramisu Cheese Latte

    There is always a line but service is always quick and super friendly. For the ambiance, the place was clean and sleek. This location has no indoor seating.
  • Halley C.

    Halley C.

    Brew Tea Bar holds such a huge place in my heart. It really is the best boba place in Vegas! One of my favorite things they do is they do is they come out with a drink whenever an Asian artist comes to town. My favorite one so far was the Joji drink. I wish they kept it on the menu permanently!
    Service wise, they are all so kind and they get your drinks out so quick. They all are so patient whenever customers have questions even when there is a line. Their patience is top notch and that's one of my favorite things about all the brew tea locations. I basically come here every week and I leave happy every single time.
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